Harlothian Stellar Union
The flag of the Harlothian Stellar Union


Interplanetary Government


Meritocratic Republic


Union Larp (Ul)

Head of State

Herd Master Naa'Mal

Commander Union Fleet

Grand Fleetmaster Ba'al

Commander Union Army

Master of Armies De'Aal


Harloth, Aethloth

Welcome Traveller, to the Harlothian Stellar Union!

This is the page for the Harlothian Stellar Union, a species spanning government in control of two habitable planets in the Damloth System. We are a peaceful race, but we will not hesitate to defend what is ours.

Rules of the Herd

We have a few rules and guidelines that must be abided by. Failure to keep with these rules could result in exile from the Union.


  • Follow the rules. If you have problems with that, you shouldn't be in the Harlothian Fleet.
  • Obey superior officers. Should be self explanatory.
  • Wars and entry in to battle can only be approved by the Herdmaster or Grand Master of Fleets. Exceptions include being attacked or infringement on territory.
  • Be courteous to other members. We're goat-people, not donkey-people.
  • Keep ships in their proper category on the gallery.


  • Try to make your character name sound kinda goat like. It's nice for continuity.
  • Keep in mind that these are goat people, so they don't always think like a human normally would. Also, use some non standard synonyms for objects in dialogue, ie, thinker instead of computer.
  • There is a very distinct style for Harlothian ships. They tend to use vertical parts, numerous small warp nacelles, and have big engines. If you cannot make your ship follow this style in full, please go for some other kind of exotic shape, but no triangles, rectangles, or anything too much like Human, Protoss, and Sith ships. Also, if a warp nacelle on a ship has glowing parts, make them purple.
  • It is heavily suggested that members can make flying ships.

Inter-Species Relations


  • None

Trade Partners


  • None currently, however we distrust the destructive Protoss, and view new species with cautious suspicion.


Please fill out the following questions to join.

  • Character Name (no human names please, unless your character is human)
  • Types of ships you will bring
  • Can you make flying ships?
  • Can you follow commands and obey rules?
  • Reason for joining?


Equipment used by the military.



Ground Vehicles

Union Fleet

The Harlothian aerospace fleet.

Heavy Capital Ships

Must be 3million or larger.

Battle Rams

Sub 3million GJ battleships.




Small Craft/Auxiliaries

Orbital Infrastructure